CSP Goals

Teachers, scientists, and education faculty collaborate and work together every year to design, develop, implement, evaluate, and refine professional development offerings.   All of these efforts are anchored to the California Science Content Standards and California Science Framework and serve to increase teacher content knowledge, improve pedagogical content knowledge, and enable teachers to incorporate the development of academic language development into their practice. On average, the CSP network works yearly with more than 4200 teachers from 1300 schools across the state. 

Our work is premised on a set of philosophical beliefs foundational to the multi-institutional work of the CSP that  provides quality science education through ongoing development and support of teachers’ content knowledge and leadership.
·  Good citizens are scientifically literate individuals
·  All students have an opportunity to understand, appreciate, and enjoy science
·  Teachers have effective teaching skills
·  Effective science education bridges differences in language development, class, equity, and access
·  Inquiry drives the critical thinking skills and habits of mind necessary in science.