CSP Programs

The research is clear – effective leadership and teaching is essential to more students achieving at higher levels. High quality professional learning is the key driver of increased teaching effectiveness and student results. 

The CSP comprehensive system planning will provide your school or district with research-based and state-aligned technical assistance to design, implement and evaluate an effective professional learning pathway that meets the needs of your education context.

The CSP system includes:
  • Technical assistance - in designing, implementing, and evaluating professional learning plans aligned to California education priorities, standards and frameworks, and inclusive of district and school goals to improve educator effectiveness and resulting in higher learning for all students in the district.
  • Build capacity and support - by developing high-quality teacher and administrator leadership aligned with the California Quality Professional Learnign Standards to improve the educational system.
  • Communication strategies - to create buy-in from educators and leaders at all levels within the education system and the community.

Contact Maria Simani maria.simani@ucr.edu for a free consultation.